Summative peer review of teaching

At the University of British Columbia, faculty members typically participate in both formative and summative peer reviews of teaching as part of their career growth and progression.

UBC endorses peer review and mentoring of teaching as aspects of academic culture that should be encouraged and permeate all academic units across the university.

In 2009, a UBC working group developed principles to guide the Summative Peer Review of Teaching. To see these, click here. Since 2009, the principles have been implemented within each Faculty. More recently, the principles were revised to explicitly incorporate peer review in distance and blended online contexts. Click here for PDF.

The pages linked below provide details of the support structures and the processes in place for Peer Review of Teaching (PRT) at UBC, both in a formative sense (in terms of professional development and growth as an educator) and for summative review (to inform decisions about merit, re-appointment, promotion and tenure).