Reflect on current teaching

Reflecting on your current teaching is a good place to start when you are thinking about developing your teaching, working on a teaching portfolio, or preparing for promotion and tenure. These approaches include different self-assessment techniques/activities, exploring feedback from students obtained in a variety of ways, and considering feedback from peers offered through various events and consultations.

This section offers a choice of various programs, services and resources to help you gather feedback and begin making decisions about moving forward based on your reflections.

Events, programs, resources and services


Faculty Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

A three-day intensive workshop designed for instructors interested in enhancing their teaching effectiveness.
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Faculty peer review of teaching

We encourage dialogue about teaching practices, provide new insights, and support instructors in their professional growth.
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Graduate student Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

The three-day workshop for graduate students interested in enhancing their instructional skills.
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Graduate student peer review of presentations

The program offers participants insight into their presentation skills and styles.
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Graduate student peer review of teaching

We support graduate students/teaching assistants in their professional growth as teachers.
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Learning communities

Provide spaces for critical discussion, interdisciplinarity, learner-centered thinking, and social innovation to take place.
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Learning Technology Studio

An innovative and creative space to explore and experiment with the different tools in the UBC  learning technology ecosystem.
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Mid-year check-in with new faculty

As a follow-up to the New Faculty and Staff Orientation and the Orientation to Teaching that takes place each summer, new faculty are invited to a mid-year check-in.
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New faculty and staff orientation

A half-day event designed to introduce new faculty members and staff to the structure and people of UBC.
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