This website provides access to the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology’s (CTLT) professional development programs, services and resources. The Teaching Pathway site focuses on our partnerships and support for people: faculty members, teaching assistants, staff, and students (graduate and undergraduate). We primarily support people at UBC but our work often extends to the broader community.

Support offered by CTLT

We categorized some of the things CTLT offers as:

Events and programs

These show up in our calendar. CTLT hosts, you participate, co-facilitate or lead, and we get together. Events might be workshops, studios, drop-in sessions, panel discussions, or webcasts. They might last a few hours or a few days.  Programs tend to consist of multiple events with a theme – like classroom climate, course design, or developing instructional skills.  Most of CTLT’s programs have been designed to serve the teaching practice development needs of UBC faculty, graduate students, and teaching assistants. Some of our programs are open to UBC undergraduate students, staff and the broader teaching and learning community. Please consult the “Who are you?” sections of this website to explore programs tailored for specific groups. If you see a program, look for related events — we host over 200 events every year and they’re an excellent way to connect with and learn from your colleagues! 


These are videos, documents, websites, and tools that we design, co-develop, and/or host that are free for you to use and, in some cases, contribute to. Often we develop resources in partnership with other units on campus or in the community (e.g. Digital Tattoo, Indigenous Initiatives Resources, Open UBC) but sometimes we produce or curate resources in response to your needs (e.g. peer review of teaching). If you see a resource, follow the link for something you can take away or do yourself.


These describe the supports CTLT provides that aren’t programs, events, or resources. Services include consultations, drop-in clinics, coaching, facilitation, course design, partnerships, troubleshooting, evaluation, and more.

How to navigate this site

We’ve imagined three questions that might guide your interactions with this website. The contents within these three “questions” and their portals overlap and intersect. Each question simply provides a different way to enter into a conversation. If you would like to schedule a one-on-one consultation with an educational consultant at CTLT to begin navigating your teaching pathway, we would love to meet you. Please complete the contact form and we’ll use that information to connect you with one of our consultants or teams.  

Who are you?

Think about who you are and what your role is, related to teaching and learning, at UBC. Are you a graduate student, new faculty member, senior instructor or maybe Department Head? This portal lets you focus on your particular role on campus and find the ways that we can support you and help you connect with others in similar roles on campus.

What do you want to do?

Think about what you want to do related to advancing your teaching and/or supporting learning. Do you want to: 

  • Teach: Improve your teaching skills? Learn about lesson planning, inclusive teaching, decolonizing your curriculum? 
  • Design: Learn about course or learning resource design, or get help developing a course or learning resource of your own? 
  • Develop: Engage in scholarly reflection about your teaching and student learning, or enhance your teaching professional growth?  

This portal shares the events, resources and other services we provide that can help you explore those opportunities and connect with staff at CTLT who can help. 

Where do you want to go?

Think about where you want to go and how you want to develop as a university instructor. What do you hope to be able to know, do, or appreciate differently, as an instructor, in 1, 5 or 10 years time? How will you know that you’re progressing, becoming accomplished or even exemplary? This portal gives you some tools for thinking about your development as an instructor and to map your own teaching pathway through the many events, programs, resources, and services available at CTLT.

**Please note: this view into the website will be completed but is not yet available.**